A desk buddy succulent will brighten your day

Desk Buddies

height: 10 cm
spread: 5 cm
Size: Tabletop
Full Sun

General Description:

This range of extreme easycare low maintenance succulents make the perfect desktop decoration offering a range of shapes, sizes and flower colours. Also ideal for a range of other situations such as window sills, coffee tables, sideboards etc. as they require very little attention by way of watering or feeding.


Add some texture and interest to a window sill, desk or office area with an easy care succulent in an attractive pot.

Plant Care:

Very little in the way of care or attention is required by these delightful indoor plants. Take care not to over water especially in colder months. Most prefer a sunny well lit position

Choose Your Favourite:

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A Sunny Position
Warm Temperatures
Dry Soils