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Interesting foliage perfect for those side tables

Begonia Rex Little Devils

General Description:

Velvet-like textures and rich vibrant colours are synonymous with the intricate Begonia Rex. The shiny metallic foliage and dainty flowers leave a lightness and grace that will enhance any room. This delightful Begonia Rex comes in a vast selection of leaf colours and textures. With minimal care, the lustre and colour of the Begonia Rex foliage will be admired for months.


The interesting, colourful and variegated foliage of the Begonia Rex stand out from the crowd, perfect for around the home and on desks.

Plant Care:

Begonias prefer filtered light. Water regularly during the warmer months and avoid over-watering in the cooler months. To promote uniform growth, turn your plant every few weeks. Fertilise regularly during the growing season.

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