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Enjoy the continuous bloom of a beautiful winter Cyclamen this season

Cyclamen persicum

Size: Small < 1m
Full Sun/Part Shade

General Description:

Cyclamen are pretty, decorative perennials, adding a burst of colour into your garden from late summer and into winter. With colourful up-swept flowers and green patterned leaves, this series of cyclamen have been specifically chosen for their vigour and high-health and their superior flowering performance. Various different sizes available and delightful colours to suit including the new Indiaka. The new Indiaka variety of cyclamen is a real stand out with its amazing contrast between the petal's white base and brightly coloured top.


Cyclamen are a hardy perennial and their bright decorative nature can be enjoyed indoors or out. Available in a variety of sizes; from 9cm cyclamen perfect for small spaces to the gorgeous 17cm. Partner with your favourite ceramic and style your indoor or outdoor living space or plant directly in the garden.

Plant Care:

Cyclamen prefer a shaded, cool and an airy position. They can be planted indoors or in the garden from late summer through to winter. Cyclamen must have a well-drained growing medium and do not like to be dried out.

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