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A touch of elegance in any space

12cm Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Size: Tabletop

General Description:

The Phalaenopsis Orchid or Moth Orchid adds a stylish finish to any interior design. Delicate flowers adorn a long stem creating an elegant look, perfect for many surfaces like a table or console. The long-lasting flowers provide months of enjoyment as they continue to bloom. Classic white is still the leading colour with other colours such as pink, red, purples and yellow becoming increasing popular for a burst of colour. The range has diversified in recent years with varying colours, flower size and stem height.


Stylise your ultimate indoor space by decorating dining tables, consoles and even bathrooms with your favourite Orchid. Simply pair it with a ceramic to match your style and you are done! Be sure to avoid direct sunlight and in the winter keep away from cold areas such as draughty window sills.

Plant Care:

Phalaenopsis Orchids originate from the tropical region of Asia and prefer warm and humid conditions. It will require weekly watering during the warm summer months. We advise taking the Orchid to the kitchen sink, watering well through the medium and then standing until completely drained. Orchids must not be left standing in water; a water logged mix will kill the roots very quickly. Monthly feeding with a proprietary liquid fertilizer at a low strength will help. Moth Orchids will bloom for many months and before all the flowers have died cut the flower stem above the bottom node and you will be rewarded with a side branch and more flowers. Once flowering is finished remove the flower spike, a new spike should appear late winter. With a little care you should be able to get many years of enjoyment from your Moth Orchid.

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