Devilishly bright bi coloured Wicked Verbenas will energize your garden.

Verbena Wicked Series

height: 20cm
spread: 50cm
Size: Small < 1m
Full Sun

General Description:

Flourishes of vivid blue and crisp white are the feature of these compact spreading plants. Multiple flowers over a long flowering season are well displayed on a mounding habit which will give non stop colour to your outdoor garden room. Quick growing and easy care Wicked Verbenas add devilish fun to pots, baskets and gardens.


An ideal feature for patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes, the Wicked verbenas trailing habit also make them suitable for banks and front of border gardens. Plant in mass for a stunning colour display.

Plant Care:

Trim regularly to encourage repeat flowering and compact growth. Wicked verbenas prefer full sun and watering at the base to minimise humidity on the leaves.

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