An accent plant in sumptuous silver.

Senecio niveoaureus Bella Grigio

Height: 40 cm
Spread: 60 cm
Full Sun/Part Shade
Frost Hardy

General Description:

Bella Grigio literally translates to 'beautiful grey' and will make a strong statement of contrasting colour in any planting. Easy care, and quick to grow, Bella Grigio quickly forms a striking strappy clump and has small spikes of yellow flowers in late summer. Plant in a cool site protected from the hottest summer sun. In a hot position this will be an annual. Cold Hardy. Apply slug bait annually.


Amazing as an accent plant in a black pot or as a border against a green hedge. Try mixing with Coprosma Midnight Martini as a stunning contrast. Dry tolerant so perfect in pots on the patio or framing an entrance.

Plant Care:

Easy care and quick to grow, Bella Grigio will gradually form a clump with small spikes of cream flowers in early summer. Grows best in a full sun situation and prefers not to sit in a wet position. Apply slug bait annually.


Flowering Period All year round
Flower Colour Cream
Strappy Leaved
just add...
A Partly Sunny Position
Warm Temperatures
Dry Soils