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Eye-catching textured foliage

Foliage Peperomia caperata - Peperomia Rosso

Size: Tabletop

General Description:

The Peperomia Rosso is an attractive and low maintenance houseplant. It has heart shaped leaves of dark to emerald-green and striking reddish undersides. Foliage is textured and grows on stems of a red shade.


The Peperomia Rosso is a versatile houseplant that will do well almost anywhere around your home. Hardest part is choosing where.

Plant Care:

Position the Rosso with filtered light and avoid direct sunlight. Water regularly during the warmer months. During the cooler months avoid over watering or standing in water. The plant will benefit from being fertilised during the growing season. To promote uniform growth, turn your plant every few weeks.


Foliage Colour Green with reddish undersides
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