Cascading or climbing, easy care knock out flower power.

Pelargonium Climbing Ivy Collection

Size: Medium < 1.8m
Full Sun
frost tender
ground cover

General Description:

Ivy geraniums are in a league of their own for a climbing or hanging splash of summer colour. Ultra-reliable and easy care they produce flowers for many months. These sun loving plants are easy to grow and flower for many months.


Quick growing as a climber to cover a bare wall, trellis or archway, ivy geraniums can also be used in hanging baskets or to trail over wall or bank. Their bright colours make them a versatile addition to any pot, planter or basket for that added dimension of height with some support.

Plant Care:

Plant in a sunny position which is free draining and provide support for climbing e.g. frame or trellis. Alternatively Ivy geraniums can be grown as a hanging plant from baskets or banks. Pinch tips to encourage bushier growth and for more flowers deadhead occasionally. Add slug bait regularly.

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