Trachelospermum jasminoides Banner Image20.jpg

Beautifully scented white flowers trail or climb from spring until summer

Trachelospermum jasminoides Star Jasmine

Size: Small < 1m
Full Sun/Part Shade

General Description:

Star Jasmine bears masses of beautifully scented white flowers on slender trailing or climbing stems from early spring to mid-summer. Dark green glossy foliage adds to the beauty of this non-invasive climber.


Star Jasmine makes an ideal climber on trellis or wire. Its winding tendril like growth will keep it climbing as long as it has something to twine around. Star jasmine can be mass planted as a ground cover. Regular trimming will help it form dense beds of dark green under trees and along borders.

Plant Care:

A trim in late winter and again after flowering is all that is needed to keep this plant in shape. Trachelospermum will grow happily in sun or shade in most soil conditions. Water well over dry summer months. An early spring application of a good organic fertiliser like Blood and Bone will keep the foliage lush and help prolong the flowering period.

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