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Add some summer colour with the gorgeous tropical HibisQs

Hibiscus HibisQs®

Size: Small < 1m
Full Sun
frost tender

General Description:

HibisQs® is the latest breeding from world renowned Hibiscus breeder Graff Breeding A/S of Denmark. The flowers have an extended shelf life of up to three days. New and exciting colour range available.


When the temperature is below 12 degrees, the Hibiscus will fit perfectly indoors giving a summer feeling to your home. In the summertime (when the night temperature is above 12 degrees), you can plant your Hibiscus in the garden and enjoy them during the summer. Outdoor Hibiscus flourishes best in warm and sunny places, as balconies, terraces and courtyards. The plants will be conspicuous and enjoyable in decorative pots, jars or freely planted in beds in the garden. Fertilizer is not necessary during summer time.

Plant Care:

This exotic Hibiscus loves sunlight and must be placed in a bright spot. Hibiscus should be watered regularly but never be left with its roots flooded in water. Your Hibiscus can be kept for many years. With a little "green fingers", fertilizer and fresh soil in new pot every second year, you will achieve a long and generous partnership. Hibiscus, like many plants, benefit from a trimming once a year - especially in the late winter or early spring. Hibiscus is also suitable as a "summer bedding plant". It will, with its large flowers in bright colors, give an exotic presence and standout in any garden it prides. To get the absolute best outdoor Hibiscus experience, we recommend you plant your Hibiscus when the night temperature is above 12 degrees.

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