Largest Flowering Impatiens

Impatiens Magnum 17cm

Size: Small < 1m
Full Sun/Part Shade
frost tender

General Description:

The enormous flowers and vibrant hues of the Magnum Impatiens will make a striking addition to any garden or patio. Admired by many, these showy little numbers add a touch of glamour, brightening up any space in your garden. With long-lasting flowers and superior disease resistance, Magnum Impatiens will flower continuously from spring until autumn.


Striking container or garden plant.

Plant Care:

Choose a moist, well drained soil or premium potting mix and plant in a sunny to partly shaded position. Keep moist in dry weather. Protect from frost.

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Ground Cover
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A Partly Shaded Position
Hot Temperatures
Moist Soils
A Sheltered Site