The ultimate double flowering container sensation in exquisite pastel hues.

Bacopa Scopia Double Collection

height: 25cm
spread: 40cm
Full Sun
frost tender

General Description:

Bacopa Scopia provide a perfect frame for the masses of pretty double flowers which spill over these delightful plants throughout the warmer months. Extremely quick growing and easy care these little jewels sparkle with colour in pots, hanging baskets or at the front of your garden.


For best effect, plant these semi trailing plants in hanging baskets or pots where their cascading habit can be seen to best effect. Combine with other perennials in planters to compliment their dainty flower form or on a bank or wall.

Plant Care:

Easy to grow these plants benefits from a monthly feed with liquid fertiliser and regular applications of slug bait. A light trim is all that is needed to encourage bushy compact growth. Protect from frost and excessive water.

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