Large flowering, outdoor Gerbera offer a sweet treat for your garden.

Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Series

height: 40cm
spread: 40cm
Full Sun
frost tender

General Description:

Garvineas are robust garden plants that will impress you with colour by flowering non-stop from early spring until the first frost. Plant in pots or in the front of a garden border for eye catching colour over many months.


For maximum effect, plant your spectacular Sweet Garvinea in a pot or planter near the house. Under a sheltered eave in full sun will also suit your Garvinea. Enjoy the flowers inside by picking for a vase.

Plant Care:

Plant in a sunny, well drained position or free draining pot. Ensure regular watering without overwatering. Fertilise regularly and add slug bait to protect your plants. Remove spent flowers by twisting off at the base to encourage repeat flowering. Protect from heavy frost.

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A Sunny Position
Warm Temperatures