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Lush and versatile landscape or house plant

Philodendron Xanadu

Height: 60cm
Spread: 60cm
Full Sun/Part Shade

General Description:

The exquisite Philodendron Xanadu is one of the world’s great landscaping plants, made popular because of its lush and interesting foliage. The tropical Xanadu has glossy green, large lobed leaves. It is an excellent choice for low borders around the garden or plant on mass for maximum impact. It has a compact growth habit and is can be used indoors or out.


The Xanadu is a delightful tropical accent in any bright space around the home. It can be used indoors or as a landscape plant and performs well in pots or in raised garden beds. Can also be used as an under growth plant. It is easy care and hardy.

Plant Care:

Plant in a sheltered position in free draining soil and protect from frosts.


Foliage Colour Green
just add...
A Partly Sunny Position